Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lookie here!

Terry found this conch shell while he was playing with the kids in the ocean. Ain't it purdy? We've never found a shell this nice at the beach. They also found tons of hermit crabs. (no pics of those though) We kept the shell while we were at the ocean that day, but Terry made us throw it back before we left because he didn't want the animal inside of it to die. I thought it would have been a great souvenir.


Amy said...

Hey I like your new background! I think I would have at least tried to keep the shell. I held one once and I crawled all the way out. So, maybe they all do that? Well, have fun!
I'll keep in mind those names. My sister says that we need to pick one that starts with a 'D' cause we already have 'A', 'B', and 'C'. =0)


Lisa said...

That was a beautiful shell. Your DH has a tender heart for animals. That is great~Sorry you could not keep it.

The Sisters said...

Hi Mrs. Crystal,
Glad you all had a nice time at the beach! That shell is beautiful!

~Have a good weekend!

Kristi said...

What a great shell! Too bad you had to throw it back in. Why didn't you just throw Terry in instead? hehehe



A Hoppy Teacher said...

You and I think a lot alike!

Tiffany said...

What a pretty shell!! Its so fun to go the tide pools and fun lots of fun shells. That is one of my most favorite things to do.