Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Moustache Monday

It is taking me a while to catch on to this blogger thing. I am learning that a faithful blogger carries a camera at all times. Yesterday I needed one when the kids and I went to lunch. I had a busy day of running them from one place to another so, we decided to eat a quick lunch at Pizza Inn. Well they are celebrating 50 years in business, and they are trying to spice things up a bit. Yesterday just happened to be Moustache Monday. They gave everybody in the restaurant a sticker moustache to wear while they were eating. If you wore it, you got a dollar off your meal. Well of course I made my crew wear them, that was a $4 savings! We giggled all the way through lunch. What I couldn't understand was why none of the other customers would wear them. Everyone kept staring at us, which made us giggle even more. We had a good time together.


Kimberly said...

I bet that was hilarious!! LOL...wish I could have seen that!

Love Ya,

Summer Girl said...

LoL... To Funny
Luv ya lots

Kristi said...

That is SOOOOO FUNNY! Pack up that camera, girl! You NEVER know what you're going to miss. By the way, I would have worn one too. LOL


Lisa said...

I know you guys & gals had a big laugh over the moustache gang. Lol
It was good to see you Sunday night.
Hugs. Lisa

Starla said...

LOL!!!! That sounds cute. Way to go saving money.