Friday, January 16, 2009


Woo! Wee! It's Friday!
*Cassie has cheer practice tonight. Her team is getting ready for a two day competition they will have this weekend.
*Callie has basketball practice tonight. She has a game tomorrow.
*Clint's going to a wrestling match at the high school with some friends.
*I want some Mexican food tonight!!!(hope we go to my fave)
*We are all off for MLK...I will be doing homework for grad school. (I think this semester will be better.) The girls are going to my nieces for an annual shopping/eating/sleepover that she does for them for their birthdays.
*Tuesday I am taking Clint to tour Clemson. We still haven't heard about his other applications yet.
*Wednesday is a mandatory workday for me. (I never get anything done on those days.)
*Cassie has been having hip pain related to her scoliosis. She has just recently been seeing a chiropractor. Her curvature has increased from 22 degrees to 26. Pray that she will see results from this treatment.

Well I guess that is all of the STUFF I need to update you on for now.
Have a good weekend!


Lisa said...

We will be oraying for Cassie. I missed seeing you at church Sunday night.I hope thingss go well for Clint at Clemson. All colleges are expensive.
Take care

Kristi said...

Sorry to hear about Cassie. We'll pray for her treatments!

Sounds like y'all are busy as usual. One day things will slow down and you won't know WHAT to do! lol