Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Update and Merry Christmas!

Just a brief update:

*I made an A in both of my classes. WooHoo! No Grad school until January 12th!
*Clint applied to Clemson and heard back from them in 3 weeks. He was accepted, and they offered him $56,000 (14,000 per year)! Although, they are not his 1st choice. Remember the Park Scholarship that I told you about in the last post...he didn't get it. They had 1200 nominees, and they only pick 50. But, God has something else in store.
*Callie sang a solo in the Christmas program at church, and it was BEAUTIFUL! Thanks Mrs. Kristi and Mrs. Carolyn.
*Cassie's cheer team competed in Greensboro last week, and they came in 2nd place.
*Terry's job will most likely hold out until March 31st! Keep praying!
*We are enjoying being at home and wish all of you a Merry Christmas.
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Happymama said...

Hey! An update!! WOW!!!

Wonderful news about Clint. So is he praying about accepting or has he already accepted?

Congrats to Cassie and her cheer team!!

And Callie did a great job on her solo. She has the sweetest little voice. I could listen to her sing that song over and over again. Although I'm sure if she were practicing at home over and over again, you're probably glad the play is over. LOL

And congratulations on your A! I am not at all surprised. You're a smart cookie.

And we're praying for Terry's job. God is good...all the time...even in times like these!

Love ya,

A Hoppy Teacher said...

We (Clint and Terry and I) are praying about Clemson, but we are waiting to here from is other applications too.

Nanny said...

Hey Crystal,
Read you blog and it was so good hearing the news about Clint's offer at this college.
So is that where he going to go?
Callie did do a GREAT job singing her song in the Christmas play and she does have a beautiful voice.
I cried as I remember when Kristi was her size how she use to sing and sing and sing. Callie voice reminded me of Kristi's when Kristi was a little girl.
Congratulations on your A.
Take care and we love you and yours,
Nanny Birt