Saturday, June 28, 2008

Presenting....the Turkeys

Terry and Clint, mostly Terry, have been working on a home for the turkeys for a couple of weeks, and here is the finished product:
Here are the turkeys, ain't they cute!

They don't have names yet, and Clint doesn't think they need names. I disagree with him. What do ya'll think? Any ideas? BTW, they are both males. I was thinking about Lynyrd for one!


Happymama said...

Lynard for one and Skynard for the other? LOL hehe


A Hoppy Teacher said...

That's what Terry says too!


How about Cody [Linely] for the other.??? LoL. (:

Love yahh mommy,

A Hoppy Teacher said...

I don't think Clint will like that Cassie. But thanks for your input!

Daughter of the King said...

Welcome to blogland...I am visiting from Kristi's...

Broken said...

I had a huge turkey named Snort Snoot when I was a Kid biggest meanest bird I ever saw

Bro Ken

A Hoppy Teacher said...

Bro. Ken,
Clint's turkeys are cute and friendly. I hope they don't turn out mean.

Anonymous said...

If you name the turkey's you will not have them for Thanksgiving dinner.
Love you,

A Hoppy Teacher said...

We are already too attached to them, LOL!!