Friday, June 27, 2008

Senior Portraits and Carowinds

Yesterday our youth went to Carowinds for the day. Clint had to get his senior portraits taken at 9:30, so I had to take him to Carowinds after the pictures. I had told our youth pastor’s wife that I would help her with the picnic lunch that they were providing the kids, so I was just going to stay and hang out with them for the day. Clint and I arrived at Carowinds around 12:00, just in time for lunch. After the teens finished eating, and we packed everything back in the vans, we headed into the park. I hung out with Bro. RJ, Mrs. Liz, Cassie, Taylor, Justin, and Hannah until most of the youth were hot and tired and begging to leave. Boy are they going to die in Puerto Rico!! Since Clint arrived about 2 hours later than the rest of the youth, he wanted to stay for a while longer. Clayton and Ethan agreed to stay with him. So, I followed them around the for rest of the evening. They basically had the run of the park from 5-8. I bet they rode Drop Zone 20 times! Oh me…what did I ride? Uh…in the car, of course. That’s all this weak belly can stand!

Justin and Bro. RJ on the Wild Thornberry's River Adventure
Cassie, Taylor, Mrs. Liz, Hannah, Justin and Bro. RJ gettin' soaked on Rip Roarin' Rapids

Justin, Jeremy, and Spencer just chillin'

What a crew!
Mrs. Liz and Hannah, or Han-tah as Cassie says
Clint and his gang

Taylor and Justin
Finally, Cassie got her pretzel and cheese dip.


Amy said...

Hey Crystal! I'm glad that you joined the Bloggy-World.
It looks like ya'll had a good time at Carowinds.


Happymama said...

Those were really good! I'm glad you posted them.