Sunday, July 27, 2008

Do you see what I see?

We just got back from the ocean and for the most part we are all fried! Look at this pic of Callie... do you see what I see?

She has a white trail all around the outer edges of her face where she applied her sunscreen. Apparently, she didn't get it rubbed around her whole face. It is hilarious!
Here are Cassie, Leanna, and Abby doing what they like best, cruisin' and cheesin' on the back of the golf cart.
Hope you all had a super Sunday. We sure did miss our church people.


Starla said...

I thought maybe she had something laying on her forehead, to cause her forehead not to burn.

Kristi said...

We missed y'all too!

Poor Callie. She doesn't look very happy in that picture. lol


Lisa said...

So sorry sweet Callie got sun burned :( Enjoy your trip.

Susan said...

oh, poor thing. Is she embarassed, or is she not like that? I never was, but I have one that would probably refuse to leave the house,lOL, I only did that when I Naired my eyebrows off, at the age of 12.