Saturday, July 12, 2008

Playing Catch-up

I have been a bad blogger lately. On Monday, I went on a little retreat with the ladies on my grade level. One of our teachers retired after 33 years, and we wanted a time to fellowship and relax with her. I am going to miss her. She brings so much to our grade level. We call her Miss Hospitality because she never forgets a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion. Another lady on our grade level has a family member that has a house in Seven Devils, NC, and she offered it to us for free! I didn't take pics, but it was beautiful. We watched movies, slept late, played cards, pigged out at Daniel Boone Inn Restaurant, and laughed a lot.
I returned home on Wednesday and scrambled around trying to get all the last minute items for Clint and Cassie's trip to Puerto Rico. Then, I spent most of the day Thursday packing Clint for PR because he had to work all day, and then he had banjo practice. Thursday evening we went to the church to weigh in their luggage and have one last meeting. Following the meeting, we took the kids to eat at Fatz. Clint let Cassie choose where we ate because he figured it would be her last meal for a while considering she's such a picky eater. Wasn't that sweet!!
Early Friday morning, Callie, Bailey, and myself took Clint and Cassie to the church for their long awaited trip. (I have pics but they are on the camera that is in PR right now!) After their departure, a friend of Callie's came home with us for the day. I took the girls to Mickey D's for lunch and to the movies to see the American Girl movie. (good movie) After the movie, I realized that I had locked my keys in my car. I guess I was being punished for smuggling Dollar Tree candy into the theatre!! My mom went to my house to get my extra key, and by the time she brought it to us it was time for Callie's friend to go home.
Callie was invited to a birthday party last night, also. I decided to stay with her at the party since Terry was cutting grass at home, and I had been on the verge of tears all day due to sending my older kids to a foreign place. I figured if I stay it would keep my mind occupied. The party girl's parents had rented a huge water slide for the kids to play on. They had a ball. Except...when Callie blacked her own eye with her own knee! (I would show you a pic except both of my cameras are in PR.)
Today, I am gathering my things for a trip I am taking to Hickory. My school was selected to attend the NC Teacher Academy for Science, so they are sending 1 teacher per grade level, and I was chosen for 4th. It is an all expense paid trip, and I will also be getting a stipend. I will be there from Sunday evening until Thursday afternoon. I have mixed emotions about going. I want to go and learn, but I want to be here with Callie too. Pray for me, I am having my own little pity party this weekend.
Well, I guess I have caught all 3 of my readers up!! Callie is begging to go swimming , so I think we will go to my mom's for a dip.


Happymama said...

I'm sorry about you having to leave on this trip. I know you were looking forward to time with Callie. I'm sure she was looking forward to it also.

Hannah's camera broke and she called crying. Poor thing. I told her not to worry about it. These things happen and not to let it ruin her trip. Isn't that exactly what the devil would want? Apparently, it's still taking pictures, but her screen isn't showing them. So, Lord willing, if we actually have pictures when downloading her card, maybe we'll have some awesome pictures to share! If not, I'll be sure to snag yours from your blog. LOL


A Hoppy Teacher said...

I sent a camera with Clint and Cassie. I will make you a disc with whatever they have. It probably won't be what we're expecting though! I feel bad for Hannah.

Starla said...

Wow you had a really busy week!!! And it sounds like you are going to have another busy week.

Lisa said...

I hope that things go well for you on your trip.
Hugs Lisa~

Susan said...

I cant imagine sending mine off that far away!!I'll be praying you keep your sanity. Have fun at the sci thing, what an honor that they would choose you.Even though I dont blame you for not wanting to go!!