Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Shopping and Church

Today was not very eventful. The kids and I rode to the outlets to do a little shopping for their mission trip to Puerto Rico. Clint only ended up working half of a day, so he went too. During this trip, Clint actually got more than Cassie, which is very unusual. Usually he can't find anything he likes. He has crazy ideas about what he thinks looks good, not to mention he is color blind. Things we think look really nice, totally repulse him. Even though he is hard to please, I would have to say, he sure is a good-looking fellow (He is mine though!) . By the time we got home, it was time for Cassie to be at orchestra practice at church. Speaking of church, our associate pastor preached a good message about relying on God. After church, the girls brought a friend home to spend the night. Boy, are they loud! As of now, we have no plans for tomorrow other than Clint and Terry are working. (Poor thangs!) Oh, you want to see a picture of my handsome son? I'm glad you asked. I just happened to have a few!

Clint at the music store inside of Dollywood

Clint and Cassie at this year's SIGMA Banquet

Clint with his banjo, have I ever told you that he's a fine banjo picker?


Susan said...

Shopping is always fun!!Clint sounds like my Justin. He is becoming VERY particular about what he wears and how he looks.He has his very own style,Jaren, well, he's just Jaren. He's just content to wear whatever....

Happymama said...

Clint is a very handsome young man. Not to mention smart, well mannered, HILARIOUS, and talented on his banjo. You've done good with that one, darlin'.